Provide for some of the concrete needs

Like socks, hotel sized toiletries, wrapped snacks, unisex sweatshirts and t-shirts. Hats, scarves, and especially gloves for the winter months (dark/neutral colors, please). Please ask before bringing things.

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Offer Time and Talent


Staff the Drop-in Center

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Help us with Laundry Love

  • Volunteers to help staff the night–checking people in, offering detergent and dryer sheets, serving pizza and snacks, managing swipe cards to start the machines, folding clean clothes, having conversations, entertaining kids so parents can do the laundry.
  • Money for washers and dryers. It costs an average of $6.50 per load to wash (machine sizes vary), and $0.25 for six minutes in the dryer. We serve an average of 60 households each month.
  • Laundry detergent. The laundromat requires liquid detergent or pods. Pods are the easiest for us to use. Unscented is best, but we will take scented detergent.
  • Dryer sheets. Unscented is best.
  • Juice boxes and water bottles for our simple supper.
  • Contributions towards pizza for the meal each month. We buy six party-sized cheese pizzas.
  • Small bags of chips for the meal.
  • Fruit that is easily peeled and easy to eat (many of our folks have few or no teeth and hard fruits like apples are difficult to eat).
  • Fun for the night–we welcome music, mascots for local teams, storytellers for kids, visits from characters from pop culture (Darth Vader has visited, as well as Jake from the Worcester Bravehearts and the Holy Cross Crusader). Santa makes an annual appearance, and small, unwrapped toys are welcome (please check with us for a list).