Walking Together

A Ministry of presence in southeast worcester

We are a ministry of presence, we respect the dignity of all who come to our door.

This site is under construction. Check back soon for more updates.

We are open from 9am-1pm, Monday through Friday. We offer coffee, water, snacks, toiletries, conversation and a chance to get warm, rest a bit, and charge a cell phone. Our staff and volunteers are knowledgeable about recovery, and can help find resources for meetings, detox and long-term programs.

We have 12 step programs four nights a week. AA (open meeting) is on Tuesdays from 7-8 pm. NA meets on Thursdays from 7-8:30 (men’s meeting) Fridays (6:30-8, open meeting) and Sundays (6-7:30 open meeting)

We offer NARCAN training on the first Thursday of the month at 11 am, through our partnership with AIDS Project Worcester. Free NARCAN is available at the training.

We sponsor Laundry Love on the second Thursday of each month at Suds Up Laundromat on Southbridge Street. Laundry Love is an opportunity to do your laundry, free of charge (2 bags per household) from 5-8 pm. We also offer free detergent and dryer sheets, as well as a simple supper. When volunteer staffing permits, we also offer activities for kids. Kids and parents need to check in with the volunteers.


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