We are a ministry of presence in Southeast Worcester

We respect the dignity of all who come to our door. No one is to be shamed. Everyone has something to contribute.

We are about the work of harm reduction.

Keeping people alive until they are ready to make a change in their lives.
Making that change is their work, with the help of God, not ours.
Change can take a very long time.

We help people with basic needs.

Clean laundry, a place to sit down without being moved along. A place to get a drink of cold water (water fountains are becoming as scarce as pay phones, due to the rise of the bottled water industry).

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We help people access resources for recovery from addiction.

Rides to detox, conversation with sober people, and 12 step groups (both AA and NA)


We are a community

Laughter, food, conversation, chess boards, occasional parties, and celebrations